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Madrid is one of the largest Spanish cities on the peninsula, although it is true that the vast majority of tourist attractions and museums are especially concentrated in the same area. However, although these routes could be done on foot, it is true that a lot of time is wasted. That’s why we thought we would tell you about our transport network, which is very comfortable and efficient for the people of Madrid.

Acquiring a public transport card

To be able to move by bus, metro or suburban trains since 2018, it is necessary to purchase a public transport card. It is very convenient and practical, since we can recharge it as many times as you need and according to the number of trips you are going to make. The single ticket for a single journey is 1.50 euros, so we recommend that you recharge it for 10 journeys, which will cost you 12 euros. If you see that you use this card a lot every day and if you also have to go beyond the M-30, then we recommend that you take out a season ticket which, depending on the zone and the age of the person, will have a cost or another. Moreover, if you want to stay in the city after 1:30 am (when the metro closes), with this card you can also access the night buses or owls that leave from different areas of the city and brings you to almost all of them. They work every day of the week as well as on weekends.

In case you want to go to the outskirts of Madrid using the suburban bus, you will also need the season ticket that covers most of the areas, which can be used to go up to the mountains, to go to a nearby town or even to make one of the most typical excursions: spending the day in Toledo. The Cercanías-Renfe network runs from 5.00-6.00 h. to 24.00 h.

However, if you prefer to use public transport less, follow your own pace and have your privacy, you also have many other options.

Cars and motorbikes for rent by the minute

They are one of the best options, since we only have to worry about paying for the car as long as we are using it, and we can forget about it once we leave it parked. In addition, you can park in any area of Madrid, without having to worry about getting a ticket for the blue zone or green zone (the only point where you cannot leave it parked is at the “loading and unloading” points). Moreover, getting one of them is very easy. All you have to do is download the application, create an account and once you do it and it is validated, you will have access to a map of Madrid in real time that will show you which vehicles are closest to you, how much battery they have and how long it takes to get to them from the point where you are (bearing in mind that if you take more than 20 minutes, the reservation period will be over).

Opening and closing the car is also very easy, since it is done from the app itself. Once you leave the car parked, you can forget about it completely and it will remain available for someone else to use. However, remember that you cannot park your car beyond the limits established by the company.

Some of these companies are: Car2go, Emov, Wible, Zity, eCooltra and Movo.

Electric Bicycles

Due to the success it has had in other large European cities, the city council decided some time ago to set up a public electric bicycle rental service. This service is offered by BiciMad and has managed to put a lot of stations and bicycles all over the city.

To use them, it is as simple as approaching one of the stations with a credit or debit card. There the machine will give you the option to rent the bike for about , three or five days. Once you have chosen the option, it will give you a card with which you can unlock the bike and use it as many times as you want, paying only for the time you give it. The prices are 2 euros for the first hour and 4 euros from the second hour.


Taking a taxi in Madrid is very comfortable but also very expensive, especially at night when they activate the descent of the flag. The prices vary depending on the day and time of the trip; although you will also see that they have an extra charge for bringing you from a train or bus station or from the airport. You can stop on the street when the green light is on, at specific stops or by calling the radio taxi services or through the “Free Now” app.

Private car

If you don’t want to drive but are looking for a cheaper private chauffeur service, the best solution is Uber or Cabify. Like the previous forms of transport, this service is also available through an app. They work in a very similar way to the previous ones; you just have to download the app, create an account and you will be able to see the cars that are closer to your current location. The best thing about these two apps, is that once you insert the address, you know how much the trip will cost before you book it. In addition, for your security, the app also informs you of the license plate number and model of the car as well as the name and image of the driver.



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