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As it is well known, Madrid is the city of the ruckus, cars, traffic lights and running everywhere. Since running is what we are going to talk about today, and there are many fans who do not know where to go, here are some ideas:

Parque El Retiro

One of the busiest parks and one of the most spacious. In addition, around the pond you will see that there are both dirt and paved roads, where you can run without any problem and without any interruption.

Parque Juan Carlos I

Uno Park of the parks preferred by runners for the 3km circuit it has. The best thing about this place is the great vegetation that surrounds it and that will allow you to relax and enjoy the race. Also, if you do not live near the park, do not worry because you can reach it in your vehicle, as the park has parking.

Parque del Oeste

Located in the area of Moncloa is this park of 64 hectares where many of the runners love to go for the great activity they can do, as there are various slopes and plains which allows you to perform a variety of exercises.

Parque de la Fuente del Berro

Located in the heart of Barrio Salamanca is what was once the Quinta de Miraflores. An extension of more than 13 hectares that counts on diverse unevennesses and rich in nature reason why the runners will be able to enjoy very pleasant races.

Casa de Campo

One of the best places to leave to run since it counts on 1800 hectares, great part of them without urbanizing. The most recommended spots are: “El Bosque” and “El Lago”. It is also a well known area for the famous Madrid Amusement Park.


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